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Welcome!  We are a collection of members and guides who have participated in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance program to discover Our Master Key Experience.

During the 6-month online educational program, we participated in personal and professional development to discover our definite major purpose and ultimately live our bliss.  As a part of the course, we blogged about Our Master Key Experience, and we continue to share how our lives are impacted in ways we never thought imaginable.

Check out a bit about who we are and come read our blogs to get to know us better.  Be sure to leave your name and email address for updates as new members continue to be added.  If you want more information on the course, you can Claim Your Scholarship on their websites. Enjoy, and welcome to our journey!



Nancy Ottinger

Nancy Ottinger

Master Key Guide

Kansas, USA

Have Faith and Keep Going

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, coworker, aunt, great-aunt, cousin, cancer survivor, and friend. I’ve done a bunch of stuff, avoided a bunch of stuff, been excited about a bunch of stuff, been fearful of a bunch of stuff, replaced that fear stuff, and triumphed in a bunch of stuff in my life.

I’m creating the rest of my life, learning more each day, and this blog is to chronicle the journey of that discovery, and to document the chipping away of the cement along the way.

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Brenda Buck

Brenda Buck

Business Builder

Texas, USA

Brenda's Amazing Journey

I was born into an upper middle class suburban neighborhood in N. Dallas, Tx.  Yes, I am a Virgo- through and through. As the youngest of 4 siblings, my formative years were interesting, to say the least. I have lived many places throughout my life, and I am definitely a Texan by nature. I am a 50 year old Mom of 4 beautiful souls, whom are now all grown, and are moving on to start their own lives. I now have the time and the freedom to pursue MY dreams. This is only the beginning….

My goal is to secure Liberty, and leave behind a Legacy for my own four kids, and future generations. I am passionate about the beach, nature, plants, family, the color purple, journaling in preparation for writing my autobiography, and my businesses (Mary Kay, Designated Driving, Travel, AirBnB, MLM). I like to help others by enriching their lives through various means.

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Dr Andrew Millar

Dr. Andrew Millar


New York, USA

Andrew's Master Key

Andrew’s been a a doctor of chiropractic for the last 20 years specializing in nutrition and fascial release bodywork.

His previous careers were in bodywork and natural (organic) foods, owning and operating his own market, so the chiropractic field has proved to be a great synthesis for him. He’s a great believer in the power of simple diet to heal the body and his most recent enthusiasm has been for the regenerative power of redox molecules. The physical demands of his profession are slowing him down now in his sixty-ninth year and he is casting about for new horizons (see blog).

He likes to have fun and be of service. He was ordained as a minister in The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) in 1985 and finds the learning and growth from his participation central to his life. He is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Spiritual Science program through Peace Theological Seminary, Los Angeles, CA.

He likes to meditate, write, read, watch sports on television and exercise moderately. His tennis days seem to be in the past but he loves to get out on the water, preferably under sail, and very much enjoys wooded walks. Andrew comes from a family of six boys and he has four sons of his own and five grandchildren who live in Pennsylvania and Montana. He is happily married to Josette and lives in Putnam County, New York.

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Sarah Dooley

Sarah Dooley


Hawaii, USA

The Dooleys

I am Sarah Dooley, on the hero’s journey of LIFE. Though a professional dancer, social worker and teacher by trade I’m now a work-from-home-in-paradise-mom by choice. I am a big believer in network marketing as a vehicle for infinite personal growth and service. I’m passionate about being the BEST ME that I can be so that I may serve as an example that we really can have our cake and eat it too! Please join me in the journey…and maybe we’ll have cake sometime!

This journey of living the life of my dreams was not achieved without the help of many great mentors, one of which is Mark Janusweski and the Go90Grow and MKMMA course. In the Master Key Master Mind Experience

My journey is about looking deeper at my purpose and becoming the super hero of my dreams. Thank you for joining me. Visit one of my blog pages to subscribe and follow me.

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Lori Ann King

Lori Ann King

Fitness, Author, and Coach

Kingston, NY

Lori Ann King


Hi, I’m Lori Ann King. I grew up on Kingston Road, live in Kingston, NY and married a King! I currently reside in the Hudson Valley with my husband, Jim. We are avid cyclists and co-founders of Cycle Club Kingston.

I am a writer, a healthy lifestyle coach & sports nutritionist, and a residual income coach.

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Jimmie D King

Jimmie D King

Physical Fitness Enthusiast

Kingston NY

Jimmie D King


I grew up in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. I currently reside in Kingston NY with my wife Lori. I am an avid cyclist with a passion for assisting people reach their full potential in health, athletics and prosperity.

I have the personal knowledge and experience to coach you to a place beyond your dreams. As a man of integrity, I am a product of the product and won’t ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do – in health, athletics or business.

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Samuel Kawamura

Samuel Kawamura


California, USA

Abundance in Blessings


Worked in the beverage industry for 24 years, then retired. Currently working on Liberty and True health. My family consists of my wife and 2 grown children with 1 grandson. I have 2 cats as pets.




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Ivan Remus

Ivan Remus


Texas, USA

Ivan Remus


My career in the legal, engineering, real estate and academic fields are extensive and focused into the Real Estate Business. I have enjoyed a reputation as a passionate and dedicated executive that has made a personal commitment of contributing to the practice of law through my private practice and academic legacy.




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